An all-female hackathon organized by the Women in Technology Society!

SheHacks is a 12 hour, student-run hackathon open to all female-identifying individuals. If you like to code, hack, and design, or simply want to learn more about technology, come to Western University on March 25th for our hackathon at North Campus Building! We welcome you into our community of women in tech.

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$4,980 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

Awarded to the team with the best project that fits all our judging criteria and theme:
"A Solution You Can Bank On".

Scotiabank will be rewarding the overall winners of SheHacks with $200 Amazon Gift Cards for each member of their team. Each member will also get an interview with Sociabank IT&S!

Best Use of API

Presented to the team that were successful in making an impressive product that uses the StdLib API! StdLib will be providing each member of the winning team with an Nintendo Switch!

Best Pitch

Presented to the team with the most enticing pitch to attract potential consumers and investors. The winning team of this prize will each receive a Google Home Mini sponsored by Deloitte Digital.

Best Use of Blockchain

Presented to the team who best incorporate Blockchain technology into their solution. Chainsafe will be awarding 0.5 Ethereum to the winning team.

Most Collaborative Team

Presented to the team that has demonstrated the best teamwork throughout the hackathon!

Coinsquare will be providing 2 litecoins to the winning team.

Best Solo Hacker

Presented to the person who creates the most interesting project that follows the overall criteria in Technology, Design, Learning, Quality and Impact. Ecobee will be providing the best solo hacker with an Ecobee Thermostat!

Best Use of Data Analytics

Presented to the team that came up with the best data analytics project throughout the hackathon! Ivey MSc will be providing each member of the winning team a Swell Water Bottle.

Best Almost Hack

Presented to the team who created something substantial — but ran out of time in the end. The winning team of this prize should have a prototype and plan for what they would have done given more time.

The winners of this prize will each receive a T-shirt from La Petite Ecoliere!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


We welcome participants from all over Canada, with a particular emphasis on Western University, Waterloo University, Laurier University, McMaster University, York University, and University of Toronto!

Our event is focused on encouraging women in technology. As such, SheHacks features all-female participation, from the attendees, mentors, volunteers, to the judges!


When submitting your hack, please include a good representation of your work. This could be a link to your code (Github, bitbucket), screenshots of the project or a video walking through how your project works.

Projects must be submitted by 9PM on March 25, 2018. Make sure to choose the prize categories you want to be judged on. We encourage you to pick multiple prize categories, even if your project is incomplete. This hackathon is focused on being a learning experience; we'd love to see what you've learned!

How to enter

SheHacks registration is now full! We're excited to welcome our 150 confirmed attendees to hack with us on March 25th, 2018. We do currently have a waitlist going on, which you can register for on








Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital





Ivey MSc

Ivey MSc

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Technology
    Technology: How effective was the technology used to achieve the group's overall goals? How difficult was the technical problem chosen?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Design
    Design: Is the user interface clear and easy to use? Does it look aesthetically pleasing or professional-looking? Does the workflow make sense, and is it intuitive to use?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Learning
    Learning: Did the team partner with new people and collaborate together? Did the team learn and try something new with the hack? Were they able to work on a different category or platform for the project?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories - Quality
    Quality: How well does the hack work from start to finish? Did the team scope the features of the hack well, given the time frame of the hacking period? How well were the features implemented for the project, in terms of the working condition?
  • Overall Criteria for All Categories – Impact
    Impact: Does the hack tackle an existing problem in the world today? Does the hack improve on current solution methods or technologies?
  • Best Use of API
    Does the project incorporate StdLib's API in a creative manner?
  • Best Pitch
    Is the team able to clearly explain their idea and what the hack does? How well did the team present their hack and respond to questions? Does the hack seem like something people would want to buy and use outside of the hackathon?
  • Best Use of Data Analytics
    Is the hack a creative use of technology? Does it make use of data in a creative way?
  • Best Use of Blockchain
    Does the project incorporate some form of blockchain technology? Does the hack provide a solution to a problem?
  • Best Almost Hack
    How close is the prototype to a finished product? Do most of the functionalities and user interface items work? Did the team achieve their overall goals with the hack? How will the team improve on the current prototype for the future?
  • Best Solo Hacker
    Was the hacker able to complete the project on their own? Did the hacker present their idea clearly?
  • Best Overall Hack
    How well did the team perform from all of the above criteria?